Fairy Fantastic! challenges binaries by imagining new worlds in which familiar rules do not apply.

Fairy Fantastic! is the first gender fluid fairy and folk tale video series created specifically for gender non-conforming children, queer families and their allies. Folk and fairy tales have an enduring appeal to kids of all ages. Their subjects: deep structural concepts, like wild vs domestic; male vs female; human vs non-human; are the very categories that LGBTQIA communities have sought to liberate from binary thinking. Fairy Fantastic! challenges binaries by imagining new worlds in which familiar rules do not apply. Using physical and digital special effects, handmade sets, elaborate costumes, and extraordinary gender-fluid performances, our stories create worlds in which horses become boys, girls become bears, and selkies live both as humans in sea-shell cottages and as seals under the sea. Fairy Fantastic! embraces what kids, queers and fairy/folk-tales all have in common: a love of chimera, scatology, role reversals, and outrageous disguises.

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The Blacksmith of Stinkhorn

We are currently in pre-production on The Blacksmith of Stinkhorn, an old Scottish tale transposed to a late 19th century Arizona mining town. Above is the preliminary plasticine model to help us figure out scale and position. This lively, psychedelic tale of...